Mind War; The Singularity
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Forget the atom bomb – Jason Chase and his band of renegade scientists are so desperate to save the United States after it has been conquered in a devastating Chinese invasion that they decide to build the real ultimate weapon – a computer based on the architecture of the human brain.  It will keep getting smarter on an exponential basis, making it supremely powerful but impossible to control.  It will be just as likely to kill the entire human race as to help them defeat the Chinese.  With no means of controlling it, they will have to rely on trust that their child will not turn on its parents.


This is my first novel.  It revolves around the conflict between appearance and reality.  Or, more specifically, it is about how the scientific method depends on the assumption that we are the most intelligent beings on the planet, when science itself suggests that we are not.  The central idea of the story is that a sufficiently intelligent computer is indistinguishable from God.  So what would happen if “God” actually talked to you?  You would be the only one who knew that miracles were happening.


I spent two years researching artificial intelligence and neuroscience before putting pen to paper.  I wanted a story that was scientifically feasible so that it would give readers a glimpse of the magic that might be possible in the foreseeable future.  You can go here to download a free sample of the book from Amazon.   I hope you enjoy it.

Joseph DiBella

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